A Practical Approach to the Integration of Responsible Innovation through Design Thinking

Daphne Carthy


This paper aims to present the results of a study conducted with several major actors from the French financial industry, which aimed at developing a process for developing responsible innovations by deploying a Design Thinking method. Thus, while the main research focus for responsible innovation has been within the science and technology sector, this paper partly aims to draw attention to the fact that responsibility should be applied to all types of innovation. In this particular paper, we examine service innovations. We begin by presenting the context for the study which includes a brief description of our approach for understanding and exploring the issues raised by responsible innovation. This first part also includes a comparative analysis of the characteristics of RI (responsible innovation) and wicked problems in order to establish a potential link between the two concepts. Secondly, the Design Thinking method is introduced as a potentially suitable approach for addressing wicked problems and thus, RI. The paper will conclude with a presentation of the process for developing responsible products and services which was developed throughout the study.


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