Investment to Technologies Measurement: Defining Indicators

Ruta Adlyte


Purpose. The main purpose of the research is to define the indicators for measuring countries investment to technologies.

Methodology. Research is based on systematic and comparative scientific literature analysis and statistical databases analysis.

Results. It is to point out, that investment to technologies is an advanced concept in today’s economics, which defines not only the importance of investment to technical equipment and technological processes but also the role of knowledge and investment to R&D. Due to this, it is not sufficient to evaluate one or another individual indicator in order to assess country’s investment to technologies: a complex view is needed. According to this purpose statistical data of 28 EU countries were analysed and the set of investment to technologies indicators were defined and classified to three main dimensions: technology system, business enterprises activities and technologies achievement.

The theoretical contribution. The defined set of investment to technologies indicators will contribute in further investigation of countries investment to technologies.

Practical implications. Research results leads to measure countries investment to technologies and to compare it between different countries and different time periods that could show countries position and progress while investing to technologies.

Keywords: Investment to Technologies, Indicators, Measurement.

Paper type: Research paper.


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