Economic behaviour’s theoretical insights in migration process

Ineta Žičkutė, Vilmantė Kumpikaitė-Valiūnienė


Purpose. The main purpose of the paper is to propose theoretical economic behaviour insights based on decisions to migrate.

Methodology. The research methodology is based on scientific literature analysis of migration decision explanation with approach of economic behaviour. In order to achieve paper’s purpose, the following research methods were used: synthesis of the scientific literature, grouping, systematization of scientific literature, summarizing and graphical modelling.

Results. The main results and findings of the research could be summarised following: economics behaviour concept in the migration context was provided as the interface between behavioural economics and neoclassical economics. Provided improvement of traditional migration motives analysis based on standard view through optimization model and rationality interface with principles of humanization and bounded rationality allow understand migration motives deeper.

The theoretical contribution. Wider concept based on economic behaviour of the decision to migrate is determined. Most analysis on migration decisions in economics is based just on economic factors with view of rationality. Proposed economic analysis with insights from behavioural theories could explain and show more reality reflecting situation. The purpose was not to replace the migration analysis based on neoclassical economics view but to complement and to improve the explanation of migration decisions from behavioural economics, for instance, with applications from motivation theories and theories of psychological behaviour.

Practical implications. Proposed economic behaviour’s theoretical insights in migration process is the base for further empirical research of economic behaviour factors influencing decision to migrate analysis which could provide better understanding of humans’ behaviour and give valuable reference for political decisions in order to balance the migration process in the country.

Keywords: behavioural economics, neoclassical economics, economic behaviour, international migration.

Paper type: Theoretical paper.


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