Impact of Corporate Social responsibility on Brand image FMCG industry

Karina Stadnika


20th International Scientific Conference; Economics and Management 2015, ICEM 2015, 06-08 May 2015, Kaunas, Lithuania


Impact of Corporate Social responsibility on Brand image FMCG industry

Karina Stadnika

Karina Stadnika, Zeltritu 22/69, Marupe, Rīgas raj., LV-2167, Latvia



Purpose.The main purpose of the paper isto investigate the influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on brand image in FMCG industry.


Methodology. Qualitative research method used to review theoretical evidence of CSR influence on brand image.

Results.The main result of the literature review is formulation of four hypotheses.

The theoretical contribution.Review is constructed from variety of fields. It is showing different angles of conceptual frame-works. The paper covers relevant literature on the topic and a structured approach.

Practical implications(if applicable).Paper might be used as a theoretical basis for any empirical research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the relation to brand image.

Keywords:Brand image, corporate social responsibility, FMCG.

Paper type: Theoretical paper.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important. CSR, which includes such elements as environmental protection, social equity and economic growth, has a strong affinity with the founding principles of quality management. The fact is that social responsibility has become an “inescapable priority” for business leaders.

Studies are being steered to search and explore the possible benefits of CSR across the globe as well as across the disciplines. Consumers are becoming more aware of corporate social responsibility. Different researchers have shown that consumers are gradually into buying products based on a firm’s role in society. According to Dacin and Brown (1997), consumer evaluates a product overall as he/she evaluates the organization and this will makes what perception in the customer’s mind towards the product.

In this competitive marketplace, CSR had becomes a marketing tool to gain a firm’s reputation. According to Paetzold (2010), a company’s brand and products will definitely workable if the firm earns good recognition.



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