Emerging horizons of environmental management in food sector companies

Iveta Mezinska, Santa Strode




The aim of the Research is to reflect emerging horizons of environmental management in sustainable food sector company, identifying environmental aspects and assessing their  impact on the environment, throughout the whole lifecycle of produced food products.


Theoretical approach is based on review of academical publications, standards, case studies. Part of practical research is performed in food sector (beverage industry) company, identifying environmental  aspects, related to one product line, and their impact on the environment.



Theorethical bacground of the studied subject reveals a  number of publications, devoted to environmental management importance for sustainable companies. Typical environmental management methods are applied in food sector companies. Environmental management systems and other methods are widely used to identify environmental aspects of company and its’ products, including related industries like  raw material producers and transportation service providers. Practical research resulted in several conclusions: environmental aspects of products and production process have been identified; carbon dioxide emission, caused by heating, is the factor that has the largest impact on the environment and its tends to increase each year; additional measures and calculations needed for quantification of the impact; carbon footprint calculation is strongly recommended method, however with limited applicability due to unavailability of data.

The theoretical contribution.

The updated overview of environmental management in food sector company.


Practical implications (if applicable).

Practical research reflects the applicability of different environmental management methods, available for sustainability of food production company.

Keywords: Environmental management, environmental aspects, environmental impact, product livecycle assessment, carbon footprint.


Paper type: Research paper



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