The impact of human resource management on the innovativeness of public hospitals

Joanna Anna Jonczyk


Purpose: In the face of constantly changing reality, the increasing interest in the phenomenon of innovativeness, which organizations more and more increasingly use as a tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the units, is hardly surprising. At the same time the literature emphasizes that one of the key factors of the innovative behaviors of organizations is human resource management (HRM). Hence, the aim of this article is an attempt to determine the impact of human resource management on the innovativeness of public hospitals. The purpose shall be the specification of such components of HRM, which contribute to the innovativeness of public hospitals not its suppression.

Metodology: In order to identify the impact of human resource management on the innovativeness of public hospitals a questionnaire survey was conducted among the employees of public hospitals operating in the north - eastern Poland in 2014. Then, based on the feedback from respondents, elements of HRM, which are vital to build innovative hospital, were identified. For this purpose, the analysis of variance was used (ANOVA).

Results.- results indicate that, in the opinion of the respondents the following components of HRM are relevant for the innovativeness of public hospitals in different degrees: the selection of creative staff, motivating innovation, remuneration of innovators, effective communication, and access to information. It should be emphasized that there were significant differences between the opinions of key professional groups, ie. among physicians and nurses as well as midwives and managers. The reasons for the state of affairs may be seen in the differences of staff mentality or goals and values of various professional groups.

The Theoretical contribution scheme – The obtained results can serve as a reference point for the formation of pro-innovative human resource management in public hospitals. Badania w przedmiotowym zakresie oraz na taką skalę przeprowadzono po raz pierwszy w Polsce. Research in this area and on such a scale was performed for the first time in Poland.

Practical implicationsPractical Implications - Artykuł dostarcza nowej wiedzy kierownictwu szpitali, dzięki której mogą oni w sposób bardziej świadomy oddziaływać na innowacyjność w szpitalu – The article provides new knowledge for managers of public hospitals, thanks to which they can be more aware how to build the innovativeness of hospitals by human resources.

Key-words: human resource management, innovativeness, public hospitals, Poland

Paper type: Research paper


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