The Impact of Renewable Energy to the Economy of Lithuania

Ignas Valodka


Secure, reliable and affordable energy supplies are needed for sustainable economic growth, but increases in associated green – house gas emissions and their implications for climate change are a cause of major concern. Globally the energy resources are becoming more expensive as the reserves are running out and as a result the necessity of the increasing share of renewable energy became obvious. In most countries the development of renewable energy sources are promoted, however the European Union may be a leader in that. Every European Union country has definite tasks in renewable energy development as it is indicated in the energy strategy of European Union. The usage of renewable energy resources in Lithuania as well as all around the world has to be stimulated because of various factors. Especially, due to the environmental, growth limits and climate change aspects, which are becoming more and more important globally. In Lithuania energy topic became especially crucial after the Ignalina nuclear power station was forced to be closed, what caused Lithuania to become energy dependent from supplies from one country, what has negative impact on growth of the economy of Lithuania. The renewable energy is especially important to Lithuania in order to diversify energy supply sources.



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