Integrated Tools for improving Literacy of Accounting Information Systems

Irena Patasiene, Grazvidas Zaukas, Martynas Patasius


Purpose. The main purpose of the paper to create the tool for teaching literacy of accounting information systems. Methodology. Researchers of Marquette University indicate law knowledge level of accounting among US population but undergraduate students lack financial literacy too. The economic development of the country depends on the citizens’ literacy in various fields – not only accounting literacy, but ICT literacy as well. Taking that into account an integrated tool was proposed and tried out in the study process. Results. The proposed method has been tried out in the “Business administration” study program.The theoretical contribution. The proposed method can be generalised for other fields of study. Practical implications(if applicable). The proposed method can be used to improve accounting literacy.Keywords: accounting literacy, accounting information system, simulation, business game. Papertype: Research paper.


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