The Importance of Strategy For Forming State Image: Comparative Analysis of Lithuanian, Estonian and Finnish Cases

Mindaugas Puidokas, Algis Junevičius


Good state image ensures smooth integration into global market and international political system, helps to attract more foreign direct investments, tourists and secures that country will gain the support of foreign countries and international organizations in solving various economic, political and security issues.

In consideration to this, the major aim of this article is to analyze the importance of strategy for state image forming and to perform the comparative analysis of image formation in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.

Scientists notice that nowadays states are setting a strategic goal of its image forming in their national strategies more often and achieving this goal by using public diplomacy and nation branding. This article contains comparative analysis of Lithuanian and Estonian cases of state image forming (creating a nation brand) which helped to point out the main problems of Lithuania image forming. Moreover, this paper analyses a case of a good practice of Finland in state image forming in frames of public diplomacy which was the basis in making recommendations for the future image forming activities in Lithuania.


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