Impact of Creative Industries on National Economy

Ugne Daubaraite, Grazina Startiene


Theoretical analysis of scientific literature confirm that creative industries (CI) is of increasing importance in any advanced economy, with a capability to create jobs, increase economic growth, development and innovation. In addition to this, CI is of increasing importance in the global economy mainly due to the fact that creativity and its employment is accessible to any given country consequently providing it with a competitive advantage internationally. CI include cultural industries and are the core of creative economy. However, extensive comparison of the CI in different countries is nearly impossible, firstly due to the fact that different definitions of CI are employed and they vary from country to country; the second reason being a wide range of indicators that might be representing the impact CI have on national economy.

Due to this, the paper analyses a wide range of scientific publications as well as empirical researches in order to find out and compare the possible indicators that are mentioned by different authors as showcasing the impact of CI on national economy. Basing it on the analysis of scientific literature and empirical researches, the most important factors indicating the impact of CI on national economy are defined. The indicators are then tested using regression analysis to determine whether and how creative industries’ impact on national economy can be measured. The most important indicators are then defined and described in the context of national economy.


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