The remuneration determinants of chief executive officers: A theoretical approach

Dalia Stukaite, Violeta Silingiene, Gintautas Radvila


Purpose. The role of CEOs’ is related to the strategy of organization and operational decisions formation that could have long-term consequences. They are responsible for everything what happens in the organization. As it is shown in the practice, during the willingness of organization to take up leadership positions, CEOs become especially important. The promotion of their operational efficiency becomes a relevant task developing the remuneration systems. The emphasis of the CEOs’ as a specific group of workers allows defining the scientific problem – what determinants are substantial for the quantitative differentiation of the CEOs’ remuneration. The purpose of the article - to identify the determinants affecting the remuneration of CEOs’.

Methodology. The paper is based on the descriptive analysis of scientific sources, the comparative analysis of scientific literature and synthesis methods.

Results. The analysis, systemization and evaluation of the scientific literature, researching the remuneration in general and the exact issue regarding the remuneration of the CEOs’, allowed to create a model, incorporating whole factors that determine the remuneration of CEOs’. This model is based only on the theoretical level. Therefore it still requires an empirical verification.

Keywords: CEO, remuneration, remuneration determinants.

Paper type: Theoretical paper.




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