Planning of production resources use and environmental effects on the example of a thermal power plant

Agata Barbara Mesjasz-Lech


Purpose. The article attempts to demonstrate the influence of resources used in electric energy production on effects achieved in environmental protection.

Methodology. The analysis uses the error correction model which allows for a short term analysis of environmental effects diversity in a thermal power plant. Environmental effects are reflected by the levels of main air pollutants: carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dusts, quantity of generated waste, quantity of sewage and water used. The main raw material is coal which is characterized by specific parameters such as: calorific power, i.e. combustion temperature and calorific value, ash content, sulphur content and other trace elements. The analysis is based on data from one of the Polish  power plants located in Śląskie Voivodship.

Results. Environmental threats are becoming one of the major concerns in industry today. Power industry belongs among branches whose environmental impact is particularly negative. The main source of pollution in Polish and European power plants  is hard coal and lignite, both of  which are used as fuel. Proper prevention or dealing with environmental threats is the key element of a power plant management system. We analyse the influence of use of hard coal on the level of environmental effects. The analysis presents single equation models describing the relationship between parameters of hard coal and given environmental effects.

The theoretical contribution. We have analyzed data concerning indicators determining the level of socially responsible activities in the field of in a thermal power station operating in the Silesian Voivodeship. The plant under research, in order to meet pro-environmental requirements concerning its activity undertakes a number of activities which, by their nature, are classified as socially responsible projects in this area. These actions bring certain effects and the control of which is one of the tasks of managing a power plant. The use of econometrical methods can support the decision process in this field.

Keywords: thermal power plant, error correction model, environmental effects, air pollutants, waste.

Paper type: Research paper.


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