Social media campaign evaluation metrics

Ronalds Skulme, Valerijs Praude


Purpose. The rapid information technology development has increased significantly the availability of online marketing tools and introduced new measurement methods that help evaluate online marketing tools return. Hence, it is utmost important to conduct systematic researches in this field to use these tools effective.

The purpose of this paper is to explore which social media marketing metrics are used by marketing experts globally and in Latvia. Based on the collected information new formulas which can help evaluate the return of social media campaign depending on consumer purchase decision process stage the campaign was targeted to influence were proposed.

Methodology. In order to achieve the aim of this paper several theoretical and practical research methods were used, such as data analysis, literature analysis, surveying, grouping and other methods. First of all, an extended theoretical research about social media campaign metrics was conducted. Author collected information about metrics that are used by marketing experts around the world and summarized it. The collected information was further used as a foundation for the expert surveys. The surveys were used to gather information from Latvian marketing experts to determine which social media campaign metrics are used most often and which social media campaign metrics are the most important. After analysis of all the gathered information mentioned before, the author proposed formulas that can be used by marketing experts to evaluate the return of social media marketing campaigns based on consumer purchase decision process that they were meant to influence.

Results. The main results of this paper are: 1. new social media return evaluation formulas were developed and proposed; 2. a new way how to measure social media campaign returns is proposed.

The theoretical contribution. This paper suggests a new approach to evaluation of social media marketing. This approach is based on the consumer purchased decision process that was meant to be influenced. This paper can be used as a foundation for further researches that involve social media metrics evaluations.

Practical implications. This paper contains the most up to date information about social media marketing metrics that experts use to evaluate their social media campaigns in Latvia. This information can be used to conduct further researches about social media campaign evaluation differences between countries.

Keywords: Online marketing tools, consumer purchase decision process, social media evaluation metrics; social media.

Paper type: This paper is theoretical and a research paper.


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