ICT Use in EU According to National Models of Behaviour

Veronika Novotna, Jan Luhan


Purpose: The main purpose of the paper should be presented – Information and communication technology (ICT) is becoming an integral part of other products and services, thereby increasing their added value and making processes and services provided to the population and to economic entities more effective. The paper aims to analyse selected aspects in the use of information and communication technology in selected EU countries in connection with “national models of behaviour”.

Methodology: The methodology or theoretical approach should be described in brief on the basis of the type of paper – The economic theory that forms the essential basis of the model is adequately explained in the introductory section and serves as a basis for the drawing up of the model. Also used are methods of analysis and synthesis, and analyses using methods of descriptive statistics and methods of multivariate statistical analysis will be performed in order to obtain further information. The program Statistica 10 was also used for statistical data processing.

Results: The main results and findings of the research should be presented – ICT provides large numbers of people with access to information, knowledge and education and thereby acts to increase their quality of life. The use of e-commerce by individuals and, in particular, households is relatively weak in certain EU countries in respect of an international comparison, a fact confirmed by multivariate analysis of the data.

The theoretical contribution: The value and implications of the paper in the selected field, perspective or discipline should be indicated – There are significant differences in ICT access and use in individual EU countries. Indicators of the economic standard of individual countries may be used as a general criterion for estimating the intensity of ICT use, though the mentality of the population must also be taken into consideration.

Practical implications (if applicable): This section should be included in research papers and, if possible, in theoretical papers as well – In the contemporary environment of the information society, attention is focused on the development of the global information environment (in particular the Internet), the scope and structure of its use (both by individuals and by households), and the qualitative standard of companies and entire sectors of the economy in the countries of the EU according to global statistics and analyses. The conclusions of these analyses presented in the paper show, however, that the state of preparedness of the user sphere and the public for the use of new information services and the mentality of the population must be taken into consideration to ensure the sustainability of development of ICT application.


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