Lean Culture self-assessment tool

Wieslaw Urban


Purpose. Lean Management is considered as the most effective methodology allowing significant productivity improvement in a company. It is more and more popular between companies. The study considers the crucial factor of successful Lean implementation – organizational culture. The study is aiming to design a tool for Lean Culture self-assessment. This tool allows an organization to get known its advancement in Lean.

Methodology. The study bases on theoretical deliberation. It considers the scientific literature on Lean Management area. Apart this it draws much from practical cases of Lean implementation as well as practical experiences of the author.

Results. The study proposes a comprehensive tool for Lean Culture assessment. This tool is composed of the parts: (1) culture assessment in points and (2) interpretation key allowing to know Lean Management maturity.

The theoretical contribution. The study demonstrates the primary role of organizational culture in Lean Management transformation. This issue is very often disregards by managers taking the Lean Management way. However, according to this study, it should be the first issue to consider when starting Lean journey.

Practical implications (if applicable). The tool is designed to be used by managers. It allows them to recognize the Lean Culture state and to point out the most important elements to transform. Thanks for this tool Lean way in companies might appear more effective and faster.

Keywords: Lean Management, Lean Culture, self-assessment tool.

Paper type: Theoretical paper.


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