The Essence of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Performance of the Selected Company

Marta Kadlubek


Purpose. According to the author of the paper, the basic assumption of Corporate Social Responsibility as the management concept, is the conviction that it should be oriented towards not only its own profits but it also should take into consideration social interests and, simultaneously, bring about an increase in the value of the company.   The main objective of the paper is to analyze the essence of Corporate Social Responsibility as the source of competitive advantage and innovation on the example of the selected company.

Methodology. In the paper there are briefly presented the theoretical assumptions of the essence of Corporate Social Responsibility, followed by the analysis of its impact on the performance of the selected company.  There is indicated some basic information on the selected company, with special consideration of the examples of initiatives in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility introduced by the enterprise. There is also made a comparison of the number of clients visiting one of the stores of the selected company and the amount of takings of that store in the selected month of 2013 and 2014.

Results. The initiatives presented in the paper, undertaken by the selected company, among others, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, so far, have resulted in the achievement of good financial results by them. The actions for the benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility are also reflected by numerous awards and distinctions, achieved by the company, in the categories of customer service and implementation of innovation. The conducted  analysis allows for the conclusion that enterprises paying attention not only to the achieved profits but also taking into consideration the social aspect, are able to achieve the leading and competitive position on the market. Summing up, it is possible to conclude that running a socially responsible business, we help not only others but also ourselves.

The theoretical contribution. The basic theoretical contribution of the paper is to indicate the essence of Corporate Social Responsibility, and then, to transfer the theoretical assumptions into the practical example reflecting the significance of initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility developed by the selected company.

Practical implications. In the paper, there is presented the practical example of the development of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in the selected company. The indicated specific initiatives in the field of  Corporate Social Responsibility, undertaken by the selected company, may bring about the orientation of similar enterprises towards the opportunities to approach the development of the CSR strategy by appropriate social progress, investment of the resources, time and skills to provide the society with benefits. The analysis of the impact of these initiatives on the results achieved by the company, its performance, constitute an actual example  of practical implication of the validity of the development of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in this company.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Effectiveness, Business Management.

Paper type: Research paper.


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