The statistic figures of penetrating of the export products of Georgia into European market

Nino Nino Abesadze


Purpose. The agreement concerning  “the deep and comprehensive free trade space” between Georgia and European Union includes a number of fields, among which the food safety is one of many that takes  the priority. In order to penetrate the EU market the developing countries have to meet too difficult requirements. That’s why there is naturally being arisen the lively interest whether  the export from Georgia into the European countries will be increased.  Hence following, the aim of the research is the protection of  the preventive measures from risks and the statistical analysis of the export dynamics into European countries.

Methodology.  In the article  there were applied generally accepted qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis of the economic science, among them statistical data processing, data grouping and  the methods of inductive-deductive data analysis. The scientific study applies surveying, observing, as well as comparative, analytical, and graphical methods, which are used by the author to compare and analyze the facts and assess the solutions to specific issues.

Results. According to the official statistics the share of exported products from Georgia into European countries is increasing, their commodity structure is enhancing, the indexes of keeping on the sanitary and phytosanitary norms are improving, the number of the prophylactic measures having been taken in terms of food safety is growing, but in Georgia the production of healthy products is still problematic. The part  of  agricultural products  are of high-risk. Hence following, so far, the part of  Georgian  products  don’t meet  the requirements of  the market of European Union.

The theoretical contribution. The study of the issue of food safety has great significance, because in the interrelation between Georgia and European Union  the great importance is attached to not only the increase of trade flows, but to the development of the market, the protection of consumers, the quality of products as well. That’s why the discussions about all the issues concerning the food safety, the identification of the problems of approximating the European production and moreover, revealing the ways of solving these problems are the main theoretical value of the paper.

Practical implications. The analysis of data of food national agency and national service of statistics makes the picture of  food safety, which is the precondition for providing the governmental structures with signalling information for developing the effective measures and defining the state policy.


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