Edverdas Vaclovas Bartkus, Marius Akulavičius


Digital piracy, particularly for its execution-friendly technological environment, is a relevant problem in many countries. Over the past two decades due to the rapid expansion of the Internet and content products (music, movies, books and software) digital distribution, the number of users copying and distributing these products without the legal consent of their authors is increasing - a phenomenon known as digital piracy. Music industry has the largest scale of digital piracy over the whole creative content business, related to very convenient reproduction and distribution of illegal music records. In order to determine how digital piracy and its management in music industry is evaluated by users of music creators, empirical studies (survey of recorded digital music consumers and interview of recorded digital music authors) were conducted to summarize positions and opinions of the said persons engaged in music industry. Aim of the study is to determine how music authors and consumers evaluate possibilities of digital piracy management in the digital space. Achievement of this aim requires two empirical studies: survey of recorded digital music consumers and interview of recorded digital music authors. Based on the received results the model of digital piracy management in the music records industry was prepared.

Keywords: Digital Piracy, Digital Piracy Management, Music Industry.

JEL Classification: L10, L82, L86.


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