Factors influencing the success of business model in the hospitality services industry

Neringa Langvinienė, Ingrida Daunoravičiutė


The purpose of the paper is to identify the factors of the success of business models used in the hospitality services industry in the context of growing competition market.

The research presents the process of deriving the success factors for business models, what operate precisely for the hospitality industry. the essential factors are as follows: value creation, the development of relationship with partners, ICT, as well as customer relationship management.

The value of the paper related to the directions for theoreticians making researches in the business models theories, as well as pecific business models, for services industry per se, for the hospitality or any subsector of hospitality.

The business model hospitality services providers enables to act more efficiently and to achieve the long-term success, to develop their business and to improve services and its evaluation from the customers' perspective


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