The effect of implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on Brand success. (Case study- Iranian company-Shirin Asal)

Hourshid Ghahari



The Enterprise Resource Planning System is a built-in and configurable commercial software suite. Its objectives are to integrate the information and to automate the flow of information among all departments of an organization such as financial, accounting, human resources, supply chain, and customer management with a customer-oriented approach to responding to the market. With a single database, this operation is performed by a software application which provides the opportunity to share the information among different departments which are allowed to communicate with each other. Name or brand name means a title which introduces and specifies a real or legal person. One of the most valuable assets of each company is its brand name. The more valuable the brand is in the minds of consumers, the more benefit the company can derive from them. In this research, the impact of ERP implementation is investigated on the success of the brand in Shirin Asal Company. According to the results, there is a significant relationship between ERP implementation and the brand success. There is also a significant relationship between ERP implementation and the success elements of the brand.

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Brand


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